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An abnormal Pap test result can occur for different reasons, including infections, hormonal changes, and cancer. At Comprehensive OB-GYN of the Palm Beaches, Dr. Adler performs special evaluations to determine the cause of an abnormal Pap test result so women throughout the Palm Beach, Wellington, Royal Palm, and West Palm, Florida areas can receive the best and most appropriate care.

Abnormal Pap Q&A

What is a Pap test?

A Pap test uses a small sample of cells from the surface of the cervix, the opening of the uterus, to assess a woman's risk of cervical cancer. The test uses a long cotton swab to remove cells so they can be examined under a microscope. Pap tests are performed during a routine pelvic exam and are painless. Most women should have a Pap test performed every three years, beginning at age 21. Women with a risk of cervical cancer may need to be screened more often.

What does an abnormal Pap test mean?

Although a Pap test is used to look for signs that can indicate the presence of cervical cancer, abnormal test results can occur for other reasons as well, including infection with the human papillomavirus (HPV), a yeast infection, hormonal fluctuations and other issues. HPV is one of the most common causes of abnormal Pap test results. Many types of HPV infections can be completely cured or resolve on their own without intervention. Other HPV infections may result in genital warts.

How can the doctor determine what's causing the abnormal test result?

When a Pap test is abnormal, a second Pap test may be performed or the second type of evaluation called a colposcopy may be administered. A colposcopy is performed in much the same way as a Pap test, but a special magnifying instrument called a colposcope is used to gain a better view of the abnormal areas of the vaginal canal and cervix. Instead of using a cotton swab to gather cells for evaluation, a larger sample of tissue (a biopsy) may be obtained for further examination under a microscope. A special solution will be applied to the area to highlight the abnormal areas and make them easier to see. Colposcopies can be performed in about 20 minutes in the office. If a biopsy is taken, there may be some mild spotting for a few days afterward while the area heals.

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