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Today, women have more choices than ever before when it comes to birth control. Dr. Adler at Comprehensive OB-GYN of the Palm Beaches offers a broad array of contraception options for women in and around Palm Beach, Wellington, Royal Palm, and West Palm, Florida helping every patient select just the right type of birth control for their needs and their lifestyles.

Birth Control Q&A

What types of birth control are available?

Comprehensive OB-GYN offers the following types of birth control:

  • Oral contraceptives which are taken daily and are 92 percent to 99.7 percent effective in preventing pregnancy
  • Mirena® IUD, an estrogen-free device that delivers estrogen directly to the uterus to achieve a higher than 99 percent effective rate
  • ParaGard® hormone-free IUD, a copper-tipped IUD that lasts for up to 10 years
  • NEXPLANON®, an arm implant that can remain in place for up to three years, delivering a steady stream of estrogen to prevent pregnancy more than 99 percent of the time
  • Essure® sterilization, a minimally-invasive procedure that implants tiny coils inside the fallopian tubes to prevent the eggs descending to the uterus, resulting in a permanent type of contraception
  • Birth control shots, sometimes called Depo-Provera® or DMPA, which deliver hormones directly to the bloodstream and last for about three months
  • Diaphragms (used with spermicides) that fit securely over the cervix (the uterine opening) to prevent sperm from entering the uterus so fertilization cannot occur

How can I tell what type of contraception is right for me?

The array of birth control options available today means women can select a method based on their specific needs, lifestyles, and other personal and medical factors. The best way to decide which is the best option is to schedule an office visit to discuss all the available options.

How is an IUD inserted?

IUDs are inserted right in the office in a simple procedure that takes about 10 to 15 minutes to perform. A lubricated speculum is used to gently widen the vaginal canal and the IUD device is inserted through the cervical opening. The IUD has a long “tail” that hangs down into the vaginal canal. Before having sex, feeling for this tail will confirm the IUD is still properly in place. IUDs can be left in place for five to 10 years, but they may be removed earlier if needed.

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